$> unzip speedus-latest-linux.zip
$> eval $(speedus-latest/setenv)
$> speedus

Full-Stack Solutions

Full-Stack Solutions

Optimizes data transfers for applications stacks in which performance is key, especially within the same server

Leverage state-of-the-art server hardware with no code changes involved

Microservices & Containers

Microservices & Containers

Avoid the communications overhead bottleneck toll that microservice patterns usually have to pay

Accelerates data transfers across containerized and non-containerized services

Low-Latency Applications

Low-Latency Applications

Unlock your software potential. Get sub-microsecond latencies for intrahost communications

Compatible with third-party high-speed NIC solutions

How it works

Standard socket

Using the standard socket TCP/IP stack, your data transfers go through several kernel layers and internal copies, which adds up too much overhead.

Improved sockets

Speedus intercepts your data transfer requests, forwarding them through a fast data path which skips all of these inefficiencies... and still with all TCP/IP features but none of its quirks.

  Uses a library preload mechanism which doesn't require code changes nor app recompilation

  Bypasses socket API and standard polling interfaces (poll, select, epoll)

  Full support for complex multithreaded applications and fork/exec schemes

  Leverages shared memory and IPC mechanisms for intrahost and intercontainer communications